Climate Control Systems



Steve Oliver Pianos is a Certified Dampp-Chaser Installer*. All systems include a five year warranty on parts and labor.

Temperature and humidity affect the lifetime condition of your piano. As the seasons pass, the wood in your piano swells and contracts much like a sticking drawer or door.

Installing a piano humidifier helps to prevent damage from climate and environmental effects by reducing expansion and contraction, which provides a much higher level of preservation.

Key Piano recommends installing the Piano Life Saver System to protect your piano’s sound board and internal parts, maintain keyboard control, and help tuning stability.

The System keeps piano humidity levels consistent. A humidistat activates the humidifier during the winter and dry periods by adding fine moisture vapor when needed. Consequently, when the environment gets too humid, the dehumidifier is activated to reduce moisture inside of the piano. A discreet light panel is installed to remind you when the system needs attention. The System is truly a lifesaver for piano preservation, maintenance, tuning, and combating dry or humid conditions that cause costly damage to your piano.

Protect your investment by having a humidifier system installed out of sight, inside and/or underneath your piano!


Typical installation of Climate Control system in an upright is completely hidden from view once foot board is put back in place. Small led reminder lights let you know when to add water. It’s as easy as it gets!

* A Piano Life Saver System Retailer

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