Restoring flood damaged pianos

flood damage moving 1 Hoisting off a moutain in Boulder Colorado




Down to the  bare bones, 1895 Steinway drying out waiting for new sound board

fallboardwet sanding after decal application and clear coat, this process will be repeated 5-7 times before finsih texture is achieved

repaired board with finish coat, looks like new!DSCN0154

(Above) soundboard repairs and shimming


What to do if your piano has suffered water damage.

  • Get the piano to a qualified piano flood restorations specialist (even if he is out of state, experience is crucial)  moving out of state is very easy and low cost today. . The piano has to be stored slow dry to be assessed. the major damages will be apparent after a month or so, other items may show up later, up to a year.We know what can happen and anticipate this when we estimate for damages.
  •  Experience  in the business of buying and selling also factors in when estimating and appraising the damage.  (not all piano tuners are qualified in the art of restoration and pricing).
  • Do not use the insurance company’s representative!  The insurance company will pay for your professionals estimate service . (this is usually is around $125-150 for a written estimate) which is required by the insurance companies.
  • Once the damage has been assessed, the decisions about whether to restore or total your piano can be made.  Again i repeat use your own piano expert, it is crucial that they know values. Often times the values are wrong and you will not get  fair compensation.
  • In cases of flood damage many pianos can be restored if the water level has not split the body rim on a grand or baby grand, and only if the layers have not separated on the body. The soundboard and other components can be replaced.) , i do recommend replacement of all the parts including all action components key tops , key bushings,  hammers hammer shanks, wippens and screws.
  • It is very important to have the piano dry out for several months before doing any major restoration.  we can get the insurance to pay for a rental and storage during this period.
  • I cannot stress how important it is to have the right person look at your piano and represent you. There are many pianos that are worth saving  especially the higher end Pianos such as Steinway,Bosendorfer, Mason & Hamlin, Bluhtner, Grotrian Steinweg, Baldwin, Yamaha, etc.
  • If your piano cannot be repaired or restored,  it is still important that you get an expert involved.  Although many piano companies are no longer in business, it doesn’t  mean that  your piano is less valuable.
  •  Claims must consider replacement with one of like quality, the same type of woods,  construction, finish and overall quality. Since many of the newer pianos do not match those standards the price must be compared to the higher end,  higher priced pianos of today  and valued accordingly.

Steve Oliver Pianos performs all types of  piano services,  we specialize in flood damaged pianos , With five generations of experience, we have done hundreds over the years, more recently pianos from New Orleans and Hurricane Sandy. Re-building  restoration and and piano refinishing are our specialties.  From the first contact and piano moving until completion we are there every step of the way. We will move your piano from anywhere in the united states at a very reasonable cost.

We promise you prompt,  on time,  professional services with a smile, services that encompass over 100 years of family experience. We will restore your piano to it’s original splendor and treat your family heirloom like it is our own .

Please  feel free to ask for me  personally , i am never to busy to speak to anyone.  914-403-4445


Steve Oliver


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