Piano Tuning- Westchester County NY.

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 Piano Expert Steve Oliver showing a classroom how to repair and tune a piano.

Serving Westchester county N.Y. and the Tri-State area for Four generations.


Why Steve Oliver? (Check out our award winning Angie’s list reviews).

Steve Oliver has been tuning pianos, repairing and selling the finest quality rebuilt Steinways and pianos  in Westchester county for over 30 years.  All makes and piano models welcome.

An inexperienced tuner/technician can cause costly damage to your piano by making incorrect adjustments and bad decisions about your piano. NOTE: Piano teachers and musicians turned piano tuners are not true technicians. Training in the highly skilled art of  Piano tuning , piano repairs and piano rebuilding takes years of experience and work in the field . A piano contains roughly 12,000 parts. Example: If  you owned a plane, who would you have tune it and work on it?  The technician? or the pilot?

FAQ: Why should my piano be tuned if it is not being used much or at all?

The three most common reasons:

1: Pianos are delicate instruments, when the strings sit too long without being moved and adjusted they develop kinks or small bends in the strings along the bridges and bar, the result is false waves or false beats in the strings causing poor sound and difficulty in achieving fine tuning. This condition can become permanent if the piano continues to be neglected.

2.  Another condition is when the strings sit too long, they bind to the bridge pins,  causing a weak buzzing sound in the strings.

3.  The final and worst result is that pianos drop in pitch and often require multiple tuning’s(as many as three in a row) to get them back to pitch @ (a-440). Because the pins are being turned much more than if the piano were done at least once per year the result over time can cause pin block damage. Many people think the tuning pins are screwed into the metal plate (harp), They are not, actually they go through a hole in the plate and are pressed into the pin-block, the pin-block is a thick piece of hard rock maple wood . When the tuning pins are moved excessively the result is they get loose and will not hold tune any longer, much like a stripped screw in a wood hole.


Steve Oliver offers expert piano tuning and consultation on all pianos. With over 37 years of experience,  Oliver, affectionately known as “The Piano Whisperer”  has the knowledge to tune, troubleshoot and repair most any problem quickly and  effectively.
Our Piano tuning’s consist of the following:
  • A visual and mechanical inspection to ensure all keys and components are working properly.
  • A visual inspection of the soundboard and bridges to make sure they are intact and not cracked or loose.
  • A pitch evaluation to see how far the piano tuning has gone out of tune. We will advise our clients if more than one tuning will be necessary to bring the piano to proper A440 pitch.
  • Pedal operation check and adjustment.
  • Touch weight and performance analysis (by special request) additional.
  • All tuning work performed aurally (by ear). Aural tuning’s, as compared to machine-based tuning’s, provide a more authentic and accurate results.
  • Repair of broken notes additional.
  • String replacement additional.
  • We service all makes and models Steinway’s are our specialty!
  • Free repair estimates if we are on site.

Custom voicing and regulation are also available.

Areas served: Harrison, Rye, Rye Brook, Larchmont, Irvington, New Rochelle, Scarsdale, Pelham, Pound ridge, Hartsdale, Bedford, Mount Kisco, Greenwich CT. Fairfiel county, Bergen County N.J.